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Everyday is Autism Awareness Day.
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Note: This work is only done a few hours at night and on the weekends.
For this reason rush orders are hard to accommodate, plan accordingly.
Most items are sent USPS First Class Mail...thank you Sarah's Dad.

All items sold on eBay store ButtonsAndMore_Autism Awareness

Autism... - Pins, Magnets, Keychains...Autism, School...
Asperger's... - Pins, Magnets, Keychains...Autism, School...
Mood Magnet - with a small movable frame
Autism Awareness Adult Size Rubber Bracelets
Keychains / Zipper Pulls - Help keep your child safe...Clip them on
Emergency Information Card - Geared more towards our older children
Autism Awareness Bumper Stickers - eBay Store
Autism Awareness Car Magnets - eBay Store
Autism Awareness Bookmarkers

Note: Most items sold on this site have:
Buttons And More Ė Dedicated to Raising Autism Awareness
somewhere on the item. If this offends you please donít purchase the product

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